Significant shareholders

As a listed company Manolete aims to keep our shareholders informed at all times and details of our significant shareholders are published via our RNS listing page.

As at 31 December 2022 the following information is correct.

Number of securities in issue
Share capital in issue: 43,761,305 Ordinary Shares of £0.004 each

Securities not in public hands
Percentage of Aim Securities not in public hands: 73.96%

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities
There are no restrictions on any of the Company's AIM securities

The following shareholders own over 3% of shares:

Shareholder name Amount % Holding
Moulton Goodies Limited 11,607,850 26.53%
Mithaq Capital 7,580,000 17.32%
Steven Cooklin 6,842,199* 15.64%
Michael Faulkner 5,593,150 12.78%

There are no shares held in treasury.

* In addition, 382,192 Ordinary Shares are held by Mr Cooklin's mother, Barbara Cooklin.